Melissa T. Music Lessons

First Day Jitters!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 by Melissa Chin | Lessons

September's around the corner! Hopefully, that means that the weather is cooling down and summer is coming to an end. For some, that means the house will be just a little more quiet for a few hours during the day as you send your children off to school. For all the homeschool parents...God bless you! As September approaches, that means students and parents alike are feeling the first day jitters, filled with excitement and nervousness. September also means the start of a new year at Melissa T. Music Lessons. If you're already registered, you will start September 17, 2018. There are tons of new students starting so I wanted to give the students and parents some tips on how to prepare for their first day of lessons.  Keep reading to know what to expect on your first day!

How Do I Get Ready?

It's your first day of lessons! You can sit back and relax. The only thing you need to do is think of what your goals for the year are. Do you have a specific song you've always wanted to learn how to sing or play? Do you want to grow in you music theory knowledge? Do you want to gain experience in performing in front of a crowd? Would you like to play with a band or do you just want to play for your own personal pleasure? Whatever your goal is, remember every professional started right where you are.

What Will I Learn on My First Day?

On your first day of lessons a majority of the time will be introduction and assessment. We will discuss policies and procedures and answer any questions you may have about Melissa T. Music Lessons. We will also spend a little time to get to know each other. The teacher-student dynamic is vital to progress in your lessons. Next, we will begin assessment. I want to know what you already know! No worries, you won't be getting a grade. This will help me figure out what book you will use to supplement your lessons. If you are a beginner and starting from the beginning, you will learn the basics of how the piano or your voice works. You will also begin to learn the fundamentals of music theory; things such as rhythm, note values and an overview of the keyboard. If you're taking vocal lessons, you will learn scales and be given your first song to learn.The fundamentals are very important, so you will have a good amount to review on your first week. 

What Do I Do When I Go Home?

Go to your student portal. Your student portal is your friend. In your student portal, there will be notes that will review your lesson. There will also be homework to complete throughout the week. Homework is usually some sort of practice to reinforce the music theory you have learned. You will also be assigned songs to practice at home.  Speaking of practice... practice, practice practice. If you don't practice at home, your paid lesson will simply be practice (something you can do for free at home). Lessons are much more fun when you can learn new things rather then practicing what you learned the previous lesson. You want to maximize your lessons by practicing regularly. Remember, results are in the repetition! 

Hope this helps! See you in September...